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Looking to protect your company for ransomware? Is your backup environment complex? Are you worried about your employee data?

If so, look no more, ContourCloud has the solutions for you! We help companies create a backup eco-systems that takes everything into account from end-user data to multi-cloud infrastructure. We support all virtual, physical, and cloud-based workloads from a single console including complete visibility into your entire IT environment. 

Discover how ContourCinch can assure a rapid and secure backup and recovery for systems on-site or in the cloud


How it works 

ContourCinch is your automation platform that allows you to consume the products and services that you want, whenever you want them. Whether you need a server or database recovered, a new backup created or your data replicated to your DR facility, everything you need is just a click away. Let’s keep IT a Cinch! 

ContourCinch allows you to open up a ticket or work order under a specific device so that there is no time wasted.

Need to check on a backup? No problem, log in and view the health of all your devices. 

Keeping IT a Cinch is what we do. No matter what you need and no matter when you need it, ContourCinch is there for you. ContourCinch is your centralized data management platform for all your IT and end user needs. 

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Frequently asked questions

ContourCinch supports Veeam Enterprise Plus. 

Yes. ContourCinch has reserve instances but above and beyond you will pay for what you consume. 

ContourCinch has reserve instances but above and beyond you will pay for what you consume. We charge a cost per GB. 

We have an East Coast and West Coast data center. We are more than happy to give you more detail after you sign a NDA. 

Contour supports everything from month to month to 1, 3,  and 5 year agreements. Your pricing will be locked in with a term agreement in place. 

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